Wednesday, March 30, 2011

11 months old

Dear Sophia,
This is your last month of being a "baby" before we officialyl have a toddler in the house.I'm going to savor every last second of "babyhood" that I can. The last week or so has been pretty rough for you. You are finally getting some top teeth (the front 4) and you are just miserable. It's been almost 6 months since you cut teeth, I forgot how rough it is on you. My poor girl, I hope you get your teeth soon!

You have changed so much over the last month. You are super mobile, you crawl all over the house and cruise around on the furniture. You also have a little walker that you push around everywhere. You haven't been brave enough to let go of it or our fingers yet. Maybe you'll be walking by your birthday :)

You've also become quite the picky eater these days, you don't want to eat much of anything. Except Magic Pop rice cakes, strawberries, yogurt, beans, rice, and toast. I don't know what happened to my good eater, but she hasn't been around in quite awhile.

Here are some things you are loving these days:

1.Books- you cannot get enough of them, we read all day long

2. Stuffed animals- Especially your little lamb, and winnie the pooh. Every time you see them, you grab them and hug them so tight. I don't know where you learned how to do that but it's the cutest thing ever.

3. Real animals- you love cats and dogs and goats and, well I could go on and on but you love them all! You get so excited when you see any kind of animal. You bounce and kick your legs and make this sound like "oooo ooooo oooo", you sound kinda like a gorilla lol. It's so funny

4. Being outside- You would stay outside all day long if I let you, seriously, no matter what the weather you would rather be outside than in any day. You cry when we have to come inside most of the time.

5. Water- I can't wait until it warms up for good so I can take you down to the splash pad at the park. You will love it!!

We have so much fun together, I love being your mommy :) You make my life so enriched, thank you for making me the happiest I've ever been. I love you more than anything love bug. Happy 11 months!

Watching your cousin's soccer game

How I find you most mornings :)

My shopping buddy

Here's a bonus video of Sophia loving on her "babies"

Thursday, March 24, 2011

More birthday stuff

I've been working on more stuff for for Sophia's brithday. I finally finished her birthday hat the other night. It came out a lot better than I expected. I love it! We are hopefully going to use it when she takes her 12 month pictures. I bought a diaper cover for her to wear with it while she does her smash cake. Maybe she'll be too distracted by the cake to even notice the hat. ::crosses fingers::

I also got her invites done, now I just need to get them out in the mail! I made them with a digital scrapbook program.

Sorry had to white out the address :)
Now, I just have to make some final adjustments to the tablecloths, make the "I am 1" banner for her highchair, and find some relatively inexpensive cupcake stands. Other than that, all that is left is stuff I can only do the day before/day of the party.

Oh and since we will be having the party at our house, we are doing some renovations. Rudy and a friend of ours will be putting in a rock patio this weekend in the backyard. We have been wanting to do something with the space out back since our two yellow labs have pretty much destroyed it. It looks like a land mine out there with all the holes. I'm excited to get it done, I'll be sure to post before and after pics! Stay tuned!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Well it's been awhile...

I've been slacking in the blogging world lately. I can't believe it's been almost a month since I have written. Things have been so crazy around here with all the planning for Sophia's birthday coming up. I only have a little over a month left :( I can't believe it. Since the weather has been warmer lately, we have been on the go quite a bit. Neither one of us like to stay at home for very long, so I'm always trying to find something for us to do. Even if it's just a walk down to the park or public library.

I've also been busy with my new hobby...bow making! I decided it was time to learn how to make my own bows for Sophia. They were starting to add up quite a bit. I just watched a few videos on youtube and went from there. We had a garage sale last weekend, and I sold some of my bows. A lady that owns a retail shop wants me to make some for her so she can sell them there. I'm excited about it

Here's just a few I've made so far...

This one is my favorite, it's hot pink and green with giraffe print :)
 So this is what has been taking up my extra time to blog, it's so addicting and fun.

Sophia's birthday is coming up and I've been planning like a mad woman. The stress is starting to get to me, I know it's only a first birthday party but all of family and friends will be there. I'm anticipating 50+ people to show up. I can only imagine how I will be the day of the party! Lol, maybe the stress will keep me from crying like a baby all day.

With her birthday approaching, I've already bought her presents from us. I knew that was a bad idea, I can never wait to give her anything. So she got her presents almost 2 months early :) I ordered her an Anywhere Chair from Pottery Barn Kids. They personalized with her name for free, it's super cute and Sophia loves it too! Oh and just a little tip for anyone else wanting to buy one, call them and ask for their online only sale. I got her chair for a lot cheaper calling than it would have been buying it online. $111 vs $174, I bought the oversized chair. so if you buy the regular size it's only $88.

I also bought her a water table because the kid loves water! Seriously, she would stay in the bath all night if I let her. I wasn't going to give it to her, but it was so hot outside yesterday. I busted it out of the box, put her bathing suit on and we headed outside.

She loved it.

 My little bathing beauty. I can't wait until we can hit up the pool this summer!

My mom and grandma also sent Sophia her birthday present. was having a sale on plush rockers and they bought the ladybug one for her. It's so cute. It plays four different songs and has a seat that is really secure and hold her in good. She loves it, she has even got the rocking thing down, she's pretty good.

she was moving around and rocking so much, all the pictures I have of her on it are blurry
Maybe I'll buy her something the day before the party that way she'll have something to open from us and I won't be tempted to give it to her early lol.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

10 months old

Since there is technically not a 30th day in February, I thought I would post Sophia's 10 month letter today :)

Dear Sophia,

Happy 10 months kiddo. You are a busy little bee these days! You are officially crawling now! You crawl all over the house (which keeps me busy cleaning floors!). You have found the cat's food bowl. Ugh I guess I'll have to find a new spot for it. You remember exactly where it is and you make a beeline right for it as soon as I put you down. I dread the day you figure out where the litter box is. You definetely keep me on my toes!

You are learning new things everyday. You just started clapping last week, now you do it all the time. Another new thing is every single time you see yourself in the mirror you start grinning from ear to ear and wave at yourself. I love it.

You have been walking aroung the house for awhile now holding on to our fingers but now you are using your walker and walking all by yourself with it! You are still a little unsteady so I always have to stay close by just in case you take a tumble. I really think you will be walking in no time.

Now that the weather is nice, we go for walks and stay outside as much as we can before the temps get in the 100s. It's your favorite thing to do. You can be crabby crabkins one minute and then when we go outside you are the happiest little girl in the world.

Visiting the goats at your cousin's house. You loved them!

You're such a happy girl. I didn't know that it was possible to love you more and more everyday but I do, my love grows for you every single day. You only have two more months of technically being a "baby", can you slow down just a tad love, you're growing way too fast for me. In the meantime, I'm going to savor and soak up every sweet moment. I love you more than you will ever know love bug,

Your Mommy.