Friday, April 29, 2011

Today you are one...

To my sweet Sophia,

I've started to type this letter many times, but every time I start typing, I hit the backspace key and delete because the words just seem so small and unworthy, but I'll try my best love, here it goes...

Today you turn 1, today you are no longer a "baby", but a toddler instead. This first year has gone by in a flash, but it has been the best year of my life. Not always the easiest, but the best nonetheless. I remember the moment the doctor told me "it's a girl!", I had been waiting 20 long weeks to find out! As soon as I heard those 3 little words, I instantly started crying, I just couldn't believe it. I was stunned because I thought for sure you would be a boy, but low and behold, I got my girl. A daughter I have always dreamed of having. It truly was one of the happiest moments of my life, a moment permantly etched into my memory.

The instant I saw your face, it was love at first sight. I remember seeing you and actually gasping because I was in such awe of your beauty. They placed you in my arms and I was able to kiss the sweet face that I yearned to see for 9 long months. I looked at you and thanked God for giving me such a perfect and precious gift. Nothing else in the world mattered at that second, it felt like it was just the three of us in the room. Our perfect little family, just the way it was always meant to be. My heart was overflowing with love.

Now that you are a year old, you are developing your own little personality. You have the cutest little quirks, I love it. You know what you like and don't like that's for sure. I have a feeling you are going to be strong willed just like your momma. You love people and animals so much. We can't go to a store without you smiling and waving to everyone in sight. I love that about you. You squeal with excitement anytime you see an animal and try to kiss them if they let you. Not the most sanitary thing, but hey whatever makes you happy! Oh and your laugh, you are the most smiley, giggly kid I have ever met. You have been that way since the day you cracked your first smile. Such a happy, care-free girl, stay that way as long as you can love.

You aren't walking just yet, but that's ok with me! All in good time, we are in no rush. You are finally calling for me, I've waited almost 12 months for this. If I walk into another room, there you are crawling after me saying "muma, muma" I love it. You aren't saying much of anything else yet, but you babble incessantly. Literally,, you never stop. You have the sweetest little voice, we have conversations throughout the day. They're some of the best conversations I've ever had. I just fall more and more in love with you every day!

You changed me forever lovebug and I have no words to describe just how happy I am you are mine. Afterall, it was you who made me a mommy, my greatest accomplishment of all. From you I have learned how to be a better person, have more patience and love unconditionally. I am a better person because of you and I look forward to a lifetime of experiences together. Always follow your heart and dream big lovebug. Shoot beyond the stars, for there is nothing out of your reach. Thank you for bringing such joy and laughter to our lives, Daddy and I love you more than we ever thought possible. Happy 1st Birthday mi amor.

Love Mommy

"I carry your heart with me(I carry it in my heart)"- E.E. Cummings

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

This weekend was one of the best I've had in quite a while. Rudy was off of work the entire weekend, which doesn't happen too often, so we took advantage! We got lots of stuff done around the house in preparation for Sophia's party. We had some good, quality family time. Sophia loved having her daddy home all weekend (and mommy didn't mind the help either).

Saturday afternoon, we colored eggs. One cranky baby and one spilled bowl of dye later, we had colored eggs! What a chore that was with a busy *almost* one year old. Sheesh!

Then Saturday night after Sophia went to bed, I made her a bunny cake. My mom used to make one for us kids growing up and I wanted to start the same tradition with Sophia. For being my first one, I think it turned out pretty cute :)

We woke up Sunday morning and the "Easter Bunny" went out and hid the eggs :) Sophia drank her milk and looked through her basket. She loved the "beebees" more than anything (she calls all of her stuffed animals beebees). The eggs were filled with yogurt melts, puffs, and goldfish. She also got the Bambi dvd, necklace and bracelet, bath books, wooden puzzle, bubbles, and chalk. She was quite the happy kiddo!

Then we headed outside to do some Easter egg hunting. I wasn't sure if Sophia would be into it or not but she loved it! She had a blast. We had to show her the first egg and how to drop it in her basket but girl knew what she was doing after that. She's a pro ;)

After her morning nap, we headed to my dad's house for lunch. Pop also had an Easter baket for Sophia and Aunt Gina had some goodies for her too. She's a spoiled little girl that's for sure!

Later in the afternoon, we went to the in-laws house and did an Easter egg hunt there and had dinner. It was a long exhausting day but worth every single second to see how happy my girl was. Hope everyone had a blessed Easter as well....

Monday, April 18, 2011

12 month pictures Part I

I decided to have 2 different photographers take Sophias 12 month pics, our usual photographer and another photographer that I went to high school with. Nicole, our usual photographer always does such a great job with Sophia's pictures but I have been seeing all of Claire's work and decided that I had to have both take her birthday pics! Claire dropped off the cd yesterday and I am absolutely in love! They came out so beautiful! Take a look!

I seriously love them all, it was so hard to narrow them down!

Friday, April 15, 2011

New to the world of cloth diapering

I have been wanting to cloth diaper for some time now. I think I didn't start sooner because I felt so overwhelmed with all of the different types, brands, how to clean, etc. One night about a month ago I finally decided it was time to start. So I sat down at the computer after Sophia went to bed and spent hours researching different types of cloth diapers. I narrowed down the type I wanted and picked a couple of different brands to try out and hit 'buy now'.

The diapers arrived a few days later and I was eager to start using them. I threw them in the wash and once they were done, put one on Sophia's little bum. I ended up buying one-size pocket diapers, they are some of the easiest cloth diapers out there. They have snaps on them that you can adjust to grow with the baby. They usually come with snaps or velcro, I bought the snap kind. They all come with two inserts, you wash the diaper and inserts, the stuff the insert into the pocket of the diaper. So simple. I usually put two big inserts, and one small one inside the diaper for overnight. We haven't had any problems with leaks thusfar. They are so easy to use and washing them is no big deal. I have enough stash for every other day washing. I have 11 diapers total. I throw them in a do a cold rinse cycle and then a regular hot cycle. Then I usually let them air dry.

I can't believe I didn't start using them sooner. Better than then never I suppose, at least I'll know what I'm doing with baby #2 :)

Not only are they eco-friendly (depending on the baby and how long they are in diapers you can keep 8,000-10,000 diapers out of the landfills), they are much easier on your wallet. Again depending on how long your child is in diapers (usually 2-3 years), you can save on average between $2800-$3500. See all info HERE. Oh and another plus, they are ridiculously cute, they have all sorts of colors and prints out there!

Here are some pics of Sophia in her new cloth diapers :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Baseball season is upon us

And we are ready! Go Rangers!!

Like the bow I made? I think it turned out super cute! I'm thinking about making some (Rangers and some other teams) and selling them on eBay :) So if anyone wants a bow of a specific team let me know and I can do it!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Texas Bluebonnets

This was Sophia's first year to take pictures in the bluebonnets, they were all gone by the time she was born last year. I have been wanting to take her as soon as I saw them pop up, but I knew I didn't want to take her out there off the highway. I'm paranoid like that. So when I was talking to my aunt the other day, she told me that there was a stretch of bluebonnets out off of her country road right by her house. So I loaded Sophia up yesterday and met with a friend and we took both of our babies out. They turned out so cute!

The End :)