Saturday, October 30, 2010

6 months old

Dear Sophia,
Happy half birthday my love. 6 months old already? It's been six whole months since you entered our lives and changed us for good. You make our lives much richer, happier, fuller and so much more complete now that you are in it. I am so thankful for this blessing God has given us. You truly are our little miracle. I love you more than you will ever know sweet pea.

Mommy :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

6 month pictures

So we had Sophia's 6 month pictures taken a couple of days ago. We had some professional pics taken and I tried to take some myself as well. I think they turned out pretty good. See for yourself. Here are the professional pics first

Here are the ones I took at our house.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The park and a tooth and a duck

I need to stop waiting so long in between posts, that way I don't always have so much stuff to catch up on!

The Park

My brother and I took Sophia to the park last week, she loves to get out of the house, especially when it involves being outdoors. We fed the ducks and she was in a trance as usual. She wouldn't take her eyes off of them. Then we went over to the playground and put her in the swing to see if she would like it. Like it? She loved it! We'll have to do that more often :)

Then Uncle Greg took her down the slide, it wasn't much of a ride but she enjoyed it! I see lots of park outings in our future :)
A Tooth

So last week after we got home from the pumpkin patch, I was feeling around on Sophia's gums and I felt a little something. I looked, and we have a tooth!
You can barely see it, but it's there! She won't let me look long enough to get a good picture. I think the one next to it is gonna pop up any day now. For now it's just a waiting game. She has been much better though since her tooth came through, definetely not as fussy! Yay!

A duck

I've come the conclusion my child is going to be one of those kids that are afraid of their own shadow. She is scared of everything. And when I say everything, I mean everything. You can't cough, sneeze, clear your throat or do anything without her wanting to jump out of her skin. I make her baby food, so when I turn the blender on I have to make sure she is in another room and I have her distracted so she doesn't freak out.

Well the other day I decided it was time to stop using the infant tub and break out the big rubber duckie tub (aka the big girl tub) I bought awhile back. Especially now that she can sit up on her own. I thought she would love it. Boy was I wrong. Rudy went to go give her a bath the other night and she flipped out on us. I mean, full on screaming, shaking, and she had both hands holding on to the sides of her head just terrified. She was so scared. I felt bad for the poor girl. Needless to say, we busted her old tub out and gave her a bath in that.

Over the last few days I've been trying to slowly introduce her to the duck, she still gets scared but it's going better than the first time. I think she'll get used to it, at least I hope so! At least this last time she was playing with her toys, that's a good sign!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Picking pumpkins

So this weekend when Rudy got off of work, we decided to take Sophia down to the "pumpkin patch" they have at the local church to pick out pumpkins and take some pictures. We decided this is going to be a yearly tradition. We had so much fun, it will be even more fun next year when Sophia can pick out her own pumpkin :)

She didn't know what to think surrounded by all the pumpkins! I'm pretty sure she loved it though. Of course, like usual we couldn't get a single smile out of her. Every time she is outside she is always so serious and somber. We have 6 month pictures coming up and I'm just hoping we can get a few smiles then.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Catching up

I haven't posted in a while because things have been kinda hectic around here with Sophia teething. She keeps me busy! I sure hope some teeth pop up soon so I can have my happy baby back!

Anyways, We had quite the busy weekend and we were able to actually spend quality time together since Rudy had this weekend off, which is rare. We spent Saturday hitting up lots of garage sales and found some good stuff! Then we went to our nephew's soccer game. Sophia loves being outside seeing everyone run around playing. I think she'll be a soccer star when she gets older (her daddy hopes so at least).

 Headed to the soccer game :)

On Sunday, we had a chance to go to the Ranger playoff game against Tampa Bay so we jumped at the chance! We dropped Sophia off with her Abuela and Rudy and I enjoyed the day together. There was a Dallas Cowboy game the same day right down the road so traffic was fun :) But all in all, we had a great time even though the Rangers lost. They'll win it tomorrow and then play the Yankees (fingers crossed!)

In other news, Sophia is starting to sit up by herself! She is doing pretty good, so we switched her infant carrier out in the car to a "big girl" car seat. Now she can sit in the shopping cart all by herself :)

And I wanted to add these other pictures, no special reason...just wanted to show off some cuteness!