Thursday, November 17, 2011

A little late but...Sophia is 18 months!

I cannot believe my precious baby girl is 1.5 years old. The time has flown by! I have to say, 18 months is my absolute favorite age by far. Sophia's understands everything we say and has started really talking. She has quite the personality too. She is so funny and makes me laugh on a daily basis. Just over the last month is when she really started talking, she repeats everything we say. She is even speaking spanish, I'm so proud of her!

She is such a good girl. I hear people talking about their toddlers throwing tantrums and such and I have yet to see a real tantrum. Don't get me wrong, she definetely gets upset over things, but it doesn't happen that often. And when it does, you can talk and reason with her and she calms down pretty quick. Today for example, we were going to do a craft project and when I was getting everything together, I heard her in the drawer where all the markers are. I didn't want her to have them yet because I didn't want her to get the lids off and start drawing on walls or furniture or anything. When I took them away she because upset and started crying. I then told her that when I was fisnished getting everything together, we would sit down and she could color with the markers. She promptly stopped crying and said "Ok mommy" and that was that. We went to Florida recently and everyone commented on how well behaved she is. I'm such a proud mommy :)

She still eats like a bird and is super picky. Breakfast is probably her best/biggest meal of the day and it's still not a lot. She doesn't like meat or veggies. She used to eat beans (which I relied on for protien) but she doesn't eat them anymore. And as far as veggies go, I don't know what I would do without those veggie/fruit pouches. I can get her to eat those most of the time and that makes me feel a little better. Right now she lives off pouches, milk, yogurt, fruit, pasta and cereal.

Some of her favorties right now:

Dancing (the girl loves music)
Reading books
Singing songs
Story time at the library
Mickey Mouse
Bittles our cat
Lucky the stuffed dog (her "la-la" as she calls it)
Playing outside
Animals and making animal noises
Putting on make-up with mommy

I thought I would share some of the pictures that we just had taken. She has grown so much! She looks like a big kid now, and not a baby :(

I thought I would do a little update on daughter #2 as well, I'll be 29 weeks tomorrow. I can't believe I'm in my 3rd trimester. Crazy huh? Gabriella will be here before we know it! The pregnancy has been going pretty good, I passed my 1 hour glucose test so that's great! I failed it with Sophia, and had to do the 3 hour. That was pretty sucky so I was happy when I passed this time around. I am definetely bigger with this baby than I was with Sophia at this point. I didn't really get "big" with Sophia until about 37-38 weeks. I feel like I'm at that point now and I still have 11 weeks to go! Here's my latest pic, taken last week at 28 weeks

For a comparison, this was me with Sophia at 27 big difference

I can't wait to meet our girl! Less than 3 months to go!!

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  1. Ooh wow! Look at what a big girl Sophia is getting to me- and so smart too! Talking and repeating everything- yesss we know all about that LOL. They are amazing little people at this age! :) You look fabulous by the way! Love the family pictures... ENjoy thanksgiving!