Thursday, October 13, 2011

Baby update

I am 24 weeks tomorrow. Wow I can't believe it. I feel like I just found out I was pregnant. It really is flying by. I am feeling pretty good for the most part. I haven't had morning sickness for awhile now and it's been wonderful. But I traded it in for horrible heartburn. I expected it though because it was so bad with Sophia.

It's definetely getting more uncomfortable to sleep at night since I can't sleep on my back. Poor Rudy, often times when I wake up I glance over and he is hanging off the edge of the bed since I'm sprawled out with my big pregnancy pillow. I feel bad for him but I can't sleep without it, that pillow is my saving grace right now.

I had a doctor's appt today and the baby's heart beat sounded good and the pregnancy is going along just perfectly. The baby is measuring a little ahead because she is so high. I'm carrying her ridiculously high just like I did with Sophia. It makes it hard to eat sometimes because I get full so fast. But I guess that can be a good thing since I only gained 1 lb this month (woo hoo!) I feel like I'm showing a little more than I did with Sophia. Here is this weeks photo.

And just for fun a comparison pic (I was 25 weeks with Sophia)

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